Get Amanda's insights along with weekly journal prompts. 

Amanda Grace is an Irish Artist, Educator, Spiritual Guide, Coach & Founder of JOURNAL FOR YOUR LIFE. 


Become Your Own Teacher & Learn THE GROUNDING ART OF SELF GUIDED LIVING From The Inside Out.

For women who are ready to UNLEARN & break FREE of their bullshit conditioning, so they can ENJOY life on their own terms, un-shamed.


Healing means becoming more whole, more able to accomplish what you wish to accomplish, and more able to enjoy your life.

The Healing Room is a month long interactive online course using the creative power of poetry to help you become a powerful SELF HEALER & GUIDE by learning how to effortlessly tap into the wisdom that lives inside of you. 

If you've ever regretted not listening to your intuitive whispers, or you struggle to connect with or trust them, then this course is for you.

Over the course of 5 weeks, you will learn how to develop and cultivate a creative intuitive practice so profound, it will enrich your life beyond anything you've known before.

This practice will help you:

  • Engage your creativity to access insight & guidance about persistent problems
  • Slow down, be mindful & develop a deeper sense of true self awareness 
  • Express yourself more authentically & connect more deeply with yourself & others
  • Ground yourself in truth & wisdom so you can make more CONGRUENTintentional decisions in your life
  • Cultivate the ability to always inspire yourself as trusted source of wisdom & guidance, even in the face of uncertainty & resistance

"But.... I'm Not A Poet!"

Good! You don't need to be. This ancient medicine is already in you & I'll help you connect with it. This transformative journey is intended to help you activate personal healing and resolution through the practice of poetic writing.

Will I actually write my own poetry?

YES! By embracing practices rooted in contemplative spiritual traditions, you will learn to identify & extract meaning from lived experience & convey those experiences through poetic language.

You will learn to draw inspiration from symbols, imagery, dreams & the work of your favourite music artists & poets to help you craft your own poetic expressions as a way to healsupport & honour your inner life.

This course will teach you how to create space & opportunity to UNLEARN your conditioning by safely revisiting old storiesexploring long-held feelings, fears, & beliefs that have shaped your path to the here & now.

You will receive supportive tools, exercises, meditations & prompts as well as weekly live guidance from Amanda who will facilitate, witness, honour & celebrate your poetic healing journey. 


Each week, you will receive lessons designed to help you access the teacher within & invitations to engage in:

Contemplative Practice: Practical, radical & transformative, contemplative practice will help you develop the capacity for quieting & focussing the mind in the midst of everyday distraction.

Poetry Writing: Guidance on poetic structures & forms, as well as creative prompts to make poem making easy & accessible. 

Resources: You will receive access to a library of self regulating & creative resources, handpicked by Amanda, as well as a Healing Room Spotify playlist.

How the course is structured:

  • Early registrants (register by Aug 16th) will begin with a 60 min live call. Here, Amanda invites you over the threshold with an exercise that will open a portal to 'the wise one within'.
  • The course will go live on Sept 3rd where we will publish your first week's lessons, exercises & prompts to get you started. Each week we will explore a different aspect of poem making.
  • We will have our first of 4 live weekly calls on September 13th where we will gather to witness & to share our words & where you can get coaching & guidance from Amanda.


We offer 3 payment options. We ask that if you're in a position to pay in full, that'd be our preference. There is no added cost to paying instalments.

Get Amanda's insights along with weekly journal prompts.

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About Your Guide

Hello! My name is Amanda Grace. I'm an Irish Journal Artist, Educator, Spiritual Guide & Worthiness Coach.

I'm passionate about helping Gen X women break FREE of our bullshit social & cultural conditioning so we can ENJOY life on our own terms, un-shamed. 

I'm from Dublin but I live & work in the Lakeside village of Ballina Co Tipperary, with my husband Terry & our sweet 15 year old goldendoodle, Ted. 

As lifelong journaler & seeker, I credit my creativity with supporting me through many emotional & spiritual challenges & instrumental in helping me process the grief of recovery & of loss, as well as allowing me to embrace a life of sobriety from alcohol & nicotine since 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Healing Room invites you to resist the rat race and go at your own pace. This pace is dependent on your own creative flow. You can spend as much time as you want. The weekly live calls will last 60 mins each. It is up to you how long you spend on the exercises, however we would urge you to commit to a certain amount of time each week that feels right for you, whether that be 10 minutes or 10 hours, making this commitment to yourself is something you will benefit from. If you struggle to structure time, our best advice is to fully commit to attending the live calls, this will keep you in the water and going with the flow. 

No. But you will have the ability to ask questions & share in each module's comment section within the private classroom.

No, we will never ask anything of you that you don’t feel ready to give. You are welcome & encouraged to participate as witness even if you don't feel called to share yourself, that is absolutely fine. However, we do encourage you to embrace your vulnerability, be brave & risk the discomfort of taking up as much [or as little] space as you need.


Wed August 16th
[Early Registration Bonus Live Call]

Wed Sept 13th

Wed Sept 20th

Wed Sept 27th

Wed Oct 4th

all calls will be recorded & replays made available. 

Poetry can be an incredibly powerful tool that often uncovers our unconscious feelings, emotions and memories. It is a uniquely personal experience, and can require of us some deep exploration. Please note that what we are offering here is not therapy, nor is it intended to replace therapy. If something particularly triggering is uncovered for you during the course of the work, perhaps it might be valuable to seek the support of a therapeutic practitioner whom you feel can give you the individual support and attention you need. You may also reach out to Amanda to inquire about the possibility of working more deeply with her 1-1.

Remember, this is not a rat race and there are no prizes for most participatory or prolific poet of the hour. Honour your own pace, honour who you are, where you are, and what you can give to this work and your own poetic journey.

This might be for you if:

  • Years of social / cultural conditioning  has left you wondering who you are and what you REALLY want & you're hungry for practices that will help you find your own answers within. 
  • You're a bit lost in your creative practice & need a bit of inspiration to unlock that special something again.
  • You're critical & untrusting of your self.
  • You've kind of intellectualised your healing & want a deeper experience of the process. 
  • You're interested in a spiritual practice that engages your creativity.
  • You want to honour your life story in a way that doesn't require you to expose personal details & you'd like to experiment with creating a more poetic body of work. 

Please note, we also have some expectations. Namely that you take responsibility for your own well being, limits, boundaries and self care during this course. 

That you treat yourself and your fellow poets with kindness and respect; that you honour as sacred, the confidentiality of what is shared on our calls and in our classrooms.

There is no judgement here, we each have unique and specific ways of expressing ourselves. Please feel free to respond to the material in a way that feels most comfortable to you, there are no ‘rules’ here. However, we do encourage you to approach this content from a place of curiosity. 

Sometimes it can be interesting to experiment with ways in which we are not used to expressing ourselves to see how it feels. Perhaps there will be an opportunity for you to challenge beliefs you may be holding about what you can and can’t do. 

Each week's invitations include a variety of resources, this is not linear left brained content. You work with what resonates and leave the rest. In fact if anything, this may actually help grow your confidence with writing as you will not be working with words in a merely literal sense; as this is poetry & doesn't need to 'make sense'.

Also please know that much of the writing prompts are light hearted and structured, meaning that formats will be suggested and supported by imagery which helps bypass overwhelm & fear of the blank page.

We do not offer refunds for this course. If you choose to pay in instalments, please know you are liable for full payment. 

Please email [email protected] & we will get back to you as soon as possible during business hours, Monday - Friday


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