Fuck 'Finding' Yourself

You're not a missing sock in a pile of laundry. You already know EXACTLY who you are. I give you The PERMISSION, the INTELLIGENCE, the AUDACITY & the POWER to be her, on purpose, every single day.

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Amanda's FUCK YEAH! Starter Pack:

Tools, Inspiration & Resources for building your WORTHY backbone.

If there's one thing my clients know me for, it's my stash of resources. I'm about to share with you, the very BEST of what's worked for me over the last 10 years of healing, growth & change. 


  • New to WORTHY work, this is a great way to learn from the many teachers who've taught me.
  • Eager to learn how to use your creativity to inspire & guide your journey to become un-fuck-with-able.
  • Already SOLD on coaching & want to hire me like NOW, but financial priorities are just not 'there' yet, this contains a lot of juicy pre-work you can access mostly for free (with the exception of books I recommend which - if you're anything like me - you'll probably want to add to your book collection) 


This FREE offering contains

  1. THE WORTHY STARTER PACK:  a working library (ie: I'm always adding to it) of my favourite podcast episodes, articles, books, Ted talks, You Tube creator channels & more. 
  2. CALIBRATE YOUR INNER COMPASS: 100 POTENT questions & an inquiry process to help you stop waiting for permission to trust yourself.
  3. THE ART OF CREATIVE RITUAL: tools, inspiration & resources for creating the kind spaces in which you can't help but be yourself. 
  4. DESKTOP & PHONE WALLPAPERS: A selection of Amanda's messy art, cursey words & dumpster fire humor to keep you sane. 
  5. Seasonal Spotify Playlists: Once a mix tape maker, always a mix tape maker; coz music is medicine & also my kink.

I invite you to think of each of these resources as a rung on the ladder that helped me climb out of my pit of self loathing & which all played a significant part in me getting sick of my own shit enough to change it. 

And I want you to have access to the very same resources because well, you'll be so much happier once you stop trying to fit in with the squares; it's just so fucking BORING.

Oh! And one more thing, as a valued subscriber, you will be able to purchase ALL past & future MASTERCLASSES for the very special rate of €11 (normally €25)

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